These Statements by the Police on Child Kidnapping Cases are Absolutely Ridiculous

Pakistan’s police force is known far and wide and not exactly for the right reasons. In fact our police officers are famous for carrying out notorious activities.

While we do not mean to generalize the police force, as there are always good and bad people in every field. This time something has gone terribly wrong and here’s what has happened.

DIG CIA Amin Yousufzai said something that is absolutely ridiculous and has left people infuriated.

Here are the snapshots of statements made the DIG CIA Amin Yousufzai

According to these statements, Mr Yousafzai believes that sometimes children being kidnapped can mean that they have been abducted by jins (other worldly beings). He further went on to say that they have no solution to counter such an issue and that people should only pray to God for their recovery.

Image source: Facebook 

His statements are completely absurd and indicate that cases such as this are not being taken seriously altogether. Action need to be taken by the authorities and the matter should be further investigated.