Supermodel Mehreen Syed Stumbles on Ramp, Thanks Her Fans for All Their Love And Concern

It was only recently when one of Pakistan’s most recognizable faces and Supermodel Mehreen Syed fell while taking a walk on a ramp for Pakistan Fashion Week and that too while expecting a child!

Mehreen received a massive out-pour of love and concern, not just from her friends and colleagues in the fashion fraternity but also from her fans, all of whom who considered her fall unfortunate, yet her confident rise as a proud moment for how calmly she handled it.

Confirming the news of her pregnancy in a Twitter post, Mehreen thanked everyone who inquired about the health of her and child after the fall.

“I would like to announce that by the grace of God, I am expecting a child,” she wrote.

“After I slipped, the love and concern from the audience, fans, colleagues, and friends for me and my baby was amazing. So grateful and would like to say that we both are fine! Thank you all for your love!”

Here’s how people are reacting to her post on Twitter, that is, with more love