‘Sweettooth’ Owner Is Making Protective Gears For Doctors to Help Fight Coronovirus!

The corona virus pandemic has taken over the world and continue to spread rapidly. Pakistani doctors, nurses and other medical staff are the frontline soldiers in the ongoing war against the deadly coronavirus in the country and have been exposed to the virus threat because lack of protective masks and body gear.

Panic buying by the general public resulted in a shortage of masks. Prices for these protective masks also increased exponentially. The doctors treating patients infected with Corona have minimal protective gear.

One Pakistani Man Decided to Mass Produce Masks And Protective Gear For Medical Community!

Umer Hussain has taken it upon himself to make affordable protective gear for doctors, nurses and paramedics considering the need of the hour and kudos to him for taking up such a great initiative.

Hussain turned his living room into a make-shift factory, and the owner of Sweettooth took it upon himself to mass-produce the protective gear needed by doctors and other medical staff.

In a detailed plan shared on Facebook he shared that the suit cost him only Rs.82 for the fabric and he believes he would be able to manufacture it in under Rs.100 only. Whereas, there are sellers charging Rs. 2500 for the same type of protective suits.

Umer Has Also Asked People To Provide Numbers Of Tailors Who Would Be Able To Assist Him In This Great Task He Has Taken Upon Himself

And Has Asked People to Help As Much As They Can In This Noble Task

Source: Umer Hussain, Facebook
Source: Umer Hussain, Facebook

We applaud Umar for the great initiative he has taken and hope that he is successful in his endevour!

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