Surf Excel’s Latest Ramazan TVC Will Melt Your Heart

The holy month of Ramazan has commenced this week. It is a time for fasting and spirituality. While families and friends come together for iftar and its delicacies, brands too come together to bring the best ideas for their products and campaigns are rolled-out with full zest and zeal.

A myriad of campaigns are executed, however, there are some which stand out from the rest. A brand that has managed to draw attention over the last 3 years with back to back wonders is Surf Excel with  Madad Ek IbadatNeki Ek Ibadat, and Ek Neki Rozana.

This time around, yet again, Surf Excel has put forth a wonderful concept through ramazan campaign under the hashtag #EesarEkIbadat 

Watch the full ad below


This ad by Surf excel has garnered a lot of positive attention and word from viewers. Here’s what people have to say..


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