Sohai Ali Abro Starrer Film Motorcycle Girl to be Released Soon


Pakistani actress Sohai Ali Abro is starring in a Zenith Irfan biopic named ‘Motorcycle Girl’ and the filmmakers have confirmed will be released on April 20.

Zenith Irfan was the first woman to undertake a solo journey across the country’s north. Zenith’s adventurous journey was documented via Facebook on her blog as 1 Girl, 2 Wheels.
The feature film is written and directed by Adnan Sarwar whose first feature film titled ‘Shah’ was a biopic based on Pakistani Olympian boxer Hussain Shah.
“The remarkable story of what Zenith did at such a young age caught my attention after Shah and I knew it was the right subject to turn into a film”, revealed Adnan Sarwar. “I have scripted a fictional world around the core true story of her journey and I hope that Motorcycle Girl will help further the cause of women empowerment in Pakistan”.
Sohai had to receive rigorous motorcycle training and was also accompanied by Zenith Irfan herself on a bike journey from Lahore to Khunjerab during the shooting of the film.
Just like Zenith attracted worldwide attention for breaking stereotypes and traveled alone in regions where it is considered taboo for a woman to move about unaccompanied, we’re hoping the film will attract similar kind of attention too.