Shahzeb Khanzada Takes Step in the Right Direction, Addresses Issue of Child Abuse on His Show

Anchor Person Shahzeb Khanzada from Geo News recently held a show in which he addressed the issue of child abuse and urged parents to teach their children about a crime as heinous as sexual abuse.
Khanzada conducted his show, in the light of the recent incident at Kasur where a seven year old girl named Zainab was kidnapped, raped and then killed. Zainab’s tragic death has lead to a startling awakening on all kinds of media forums. This has also led to people encouraging parents to teach their children about the issue and to make them more aware from an early age.
In addition to this, another aspect of the issue has been highlighted which is that abuse does not necessarily has to happen outside the house but can come from your nearest and dearest too.

Shahzeb Khanzada highlighted this important aspect about abuse in his show as well

Khanzada mentioned how such cases have become very common. This is exactly why it is important to educate your children about them and not shy away from the topic. Our children should come before everyone else and that involves talking to them about stuff that we feel uncomfortable with.
It is also essential to isolate perpetrators  of such heinous crimes and to punish them.

Many have been appreciative of Khanzada’s step towards highlighting the important and prevalent issue of child sexual abuse in Pakistani society.