Pakistanis Come Together to Demand A Ban On Sahir Lodhi For Sexualizing Young Girls On His Show

Sahir Lodhi, one of Pakistan’s leading entertainer on media has landed himself in quite a pickle recently. 

In light of a recent tragic event which includedthe abuse and murder of Zainab; a seven year girl from Kasur, the nation has decided not to let this case be brushed under the rug and has finally decided to take stand against the perpetrators of such a heinous crime. Awareness is being created with regard to child sexual abuse, parents are being encouraged to educate their children and to shame the abusers instead of the abused.
Recently, certain footage has surfaced from Tv One’s morning show ‘Aap Ka Sahir’ that has enraged Pakistanis over the internet. The incident has led to people calling for a ban on not just the show, but on the host of the show Sahir Lodhi!

The footage shows young underage girls dancing during the show

Here’s what the internet has to say about it: