Shafqat Mehmood Memes Gain Virality As #CancelExamsPakistan2021 Trends

Shafqat Mahmood has gained an immense amount of popularity with students as decisions on schools’ closure remains a rollercoaster ride.

Schools are to remain closed until April 11th as the third wave of coronavirus strengthens its grip in Pakistan. These closures – at least 6 or 7 times – pose a huge obstacle to education. Online education is not the same and many have to appear for exams.

However, many students are extremely happy at the schools’ closure and demand for a postponing of exams.

It has been decided that local board exams will continue as per routine. Moreover, Shafqat Mahmood will meet with and discuss the postponement of CIES with the CIE board itself. It appears Sindh and Balochistan’s districts will have their educational institutions remain open.