Sana Safinaz Lands Itself in a Controversy for its Latest Campaign

Lo and behold, the lawn season is upon us and many companies have come forth with their lawn campaigns for 2018.

Earlier, a popular brand which goes by the name Sana Safinaz also launched its latest lawn campaign and has landed itself in a sticky situation. 

Sana Safinaz has landed itself in a controversy for being derogatory and offensive.
What has happened is that, the campaign shows models in their designer lawn suits strolling around Kenya. The brand then posted demeaning pictures portraying the African tribes as submissive “accessories” and the background for racist, elitist values.
As soon as the pictures were shared on social media, people raised their concerns over the fact that the brand must realize that African people are not props nor should they be exploited in order for them to sell overpriced pieces of clothes.
Since the backlash has occurred, Sana Safinaz has been deleting pictures one by one from their Instagram and Facebook pages and haven’t addressed the issue nor given a statement yet.

People on social media have been reacting ever since the pictures were uploaded

In today’s day and age, while many brands are working hard to raise awareness about various social causes such as women empowerment, transgender rights etc, there are some brands who are thoughtlessly designing their marketing campaigns.

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