Disappointed Fan Puts ‘Lahore Qalandars’ Up For Sale on eBay

Lahore Qalandars started the PSL 2018 in the worst possible manner and ended up losing their first 5 matches. As a result, the fans were left raging.

One such fan took his despair to a whole new level and put the entire team up for sale on Ebay, an international e-commerce website.

The mock ad was titled Lahore Qalandars PSL T20 Team. It further states that ‘parts (are) not working’ under the Product Condition tab.
The seller also mentions that the Qalandar team runs on the New Zealand engine. Its a playful hint that points to the squad’s NZ-born member Brendon McCullum, since he is the only batsman in Qalandars line-up who has some runs under his belt.
The ad was posted by “mrdenn1s”, an Australian cricket follower who goes by the name of “DennisCricket_” on Twitter. He’s also an active fan of Pakistani cricket team, who previously put Wahab Riaz on sale when he got smacked around the park in the Champions Trophy opener against India.

And the internet had a lot to say about it too 


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