Samaa TV Anchor Receives Backlash For Targeting Nasir Khanjan

Recently, the social media sensation, Nasir Khanjan was invited to Samaa TV’s Morning show ‘Naya Din’. The show’s anchor made had seemingly made Nasir Khan uncomfortable by badgering him with demeaning questions and statements.

It is no secret that Nasir Khanjan remains controversial for videos which are often deemed ‘against the cultural norms of the society’. Nasir was consequently invited to Naya Din for an interview and the host, Muhammad Shuaeb questioned Khanjan for a contentious video that went viral on the internet.

Calling it ‘vulgar’, the anchor had seemingly adopted a bullying tone to school Nasir for posting it on social media.

Watch the full clip here


The twitterverse was of-course furious with the approach of the anchors of the show calling them out for their rude behaviour and demanding an apology from them towards Nasir Khanjan. Many prominent personalities also took to Twitter in order to share their point of view.


Here’s a gist of what is being said on Twitter

This is not the first time stars and personalities have become a target on national television by hosts of a show. In 2016, Aamir Liaquat came under fire after he had humiliated the ‘Eye to Eye’ singer, Taher Shah on his Ramadan show. A year later, Aamir also faced backlash for inviting Meera and mocking her live on television.


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