Reham Khan And Resham are in an Online Tussle And Here’s the Reason Why…

Everybody knows Resham who is a big part of the Pakistani entertainment industry and is a recognized name and face.

In a recent turn of events, Resham talked about comments made by Reham Khan with regard to her in an interview.

Everybody knows that a few months back Reham Khan had released her first book. The book had made a lot of noise on all kinds of media channels and was not just the talk of the town but was being discussed all over the world.

Resham has revealed that she was flooded with screenshots of the excerpt where she’s mentioned.

According to Resham, Reham had mentioned a few celebrities that are generally not involved in scandals. She added that Reham had used some renown names to bring her book under the spotlight.

Resham then goes on to say this; ‘Reham Khan aurat ki badtareen misaal hai, aur Jemima Khan aurat ki behtareen misaal hai.’ 

As soon as the news reached Reham, she put forth a tweet in order to clear the misunderstanding.

However, sadly people were obviously siding with Resham and gave Reham a hard time on Twitter.

The hate took a toll on Reham and she tweeted again

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