PTI’s Print Ad on Imran Khan’s 100 Days Receives Mixed Reactions on Social Media

The first 100 days of Imran Khan have finally come to an end.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, the veteran sportsman had promised the nation that he will bring massive change (tabdeeli) and will create a ‘Naya Pakistan’.

The last 100 days had been filled with a flurry of activities, and a lot has happened, from the government’s anti-encroachment drive to the construction of a separate biker’s lane and tackling the mafia in the educational system.

The Government of Pakistan shared a simple advert which encapsulates the PM’s and party’s work. Instead of using long sentences of paragraphs, they let two sentences say it all!

The advert, PTI and PM Khan have received a lot of appreciation for the simplicity of the ad and for the progress which the country has made, since Khan had on innumerable occasions mentioned that he would do everything in power to bring a positive change in Pakistan.

While some negative comments were also being passed

While we think the ad was definitely impactful, what do our readers have to say about the #100daysofkhan and the print advertisement they used? Do let us know in the comments below!