PTI Receives Backlash After News of Possibility of Saturdays Turning into Weekdays Hit Social Media

Since day one PTI resumed office a lot of hustle and bustle has kept the people in the government on their feet. The elected Prime Minister of Pakistan for the next five years, Imran Khan, has put a lot of points of discussions and changes on table and is set to put them in motion.

After the Eid Holidays were reduced from 3 days to 2 days and while the issue had not settled down with the people, people have found a new cause which has stirred the heat as well as the hate amongst the people of Pakistan.

Rumour has it that as of next week, Imran Khan will be implementing an official workday on Saturday for all government workers.

These two images going viral on WhatsApp have led the people to believe that there a big chance that this plan might actually pass through becoming a cause of ruined weekends for a lot of people.

While Imran Khan may see these changes to help incorporate a sense of Naya Pakistan, many people of the country might disagree.

Here’s what is being said on social media so far:

However, there are others who think to have Saturdays as working days is a great idea.

What do our readers have to say about this probable upcoming change?

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