PIA's Amazing Surprise to its Passengers on Christmas is a Heart Winner

In case you haven’t noticed it already, PIA is getting better and better in their Public Relations department. Seems like the company is finally taking a page or two from the good books of its competitors and is making an effort to earn a good name for itself after years of earning a bad reputation.

Just today the PIA staff gave a pleasant surprise to all its passengers on this flight

The cabin crew of a PIA flight threw an in-flight Christmas party for all its passengers and it was complete with costumes, gift bags, chocolates and even their very own Santa Claus!

Here’s a snapshot of the surprise 


One of the cabin crew members Peter Inayat had dressed up as Santa Claus

The happy faces of the passengers clearly shows what a wonderful and heartwarming surprise it was.
It was a great way to spread some Christmas cheer and PIA has definitely won so many hearts.
Here’s a selfie of the cabin crew to complete the post too!
“The purpose of the gesture was to share the Christmas festivities with those celebrating and promoting the universal message of harmony, love and peace,” the airline said.
It was definitely a good initiative on part of the flying company and we hope that PIA continues to carry out similar initiatives to keep winning hearts of its passengers!