People Demand Justice For 15 Year Old Uzma Who Was Beaten To Death By Her Employers

Uzma, a 15-year-old girl has recently and allegedly been murdered by the people she was working for, her employers.

Pakistani’s have been highlighting Uzma’s murder and demand justice for this barbaric act.

Uzma had been working for the past 8 months in an extremely hostile environment.

According to viral news reports, Uzma was neither paid properly nor fed properly. Sometimes, she had to go and ask the neighbors for food and was beaten on a regular basis. Uzma’s dad was working as a security guard and she was made to sleep in the bathroom.

In a viral video circulating about her final days, Uzma looks traumatized and voices of people laughing can be heard in the background

She was brutally murdered because, in her bruised and beaten state, she took a bite to eat from her employer’s daughters plate.

Uzma’s body has been explained to have multiple injuries. Her tongue was cut, her bones were broken and her chest had injuries. The video also shows that Uzma wasn’t even allowed to meet her family members.

This act of brutality is unbelievable and barbaric. We hope that Uzma and her family receive justice soon and the culprits are caught and punished.