Pakistani Truck Artist Expresses Solidarity With the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement by Painting a Mural of Floyd

Haider Ali, Pakistani Truck Artist, has painted a stunning mural of George Floyd on the wall of his house in Karachi, Pakistan. This painting is a tribute towards the movement ‘Black lives matter’ that gained traction after the killing of George Floyd during a fatal arrest.

The mural is painted in a traditional Pakistani truck art style alongside slogans “Goron ki na kaalon ki Dunya dil walon ki” (The world doesn’t belong to the fair or the dark, it belongs to those with a heart) and “Hum kalay hain tou kya huwa dil walay hain” (We are dark, so what we have a heart).  

FloydImage Source/sanafatimajourno

“This artwork not only pays reverence to George Floyd but it pays tribute to everyone fighting inequality and injustice,” Haider clarified.

Haider also talked about injustice Muslims have to go through based on their religion

“This act of barbarism makes me think of even the Muslims living in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine, and Myanmar and elsewhere, what they have to go through every day? They are subjected to injustice and cruelty based on religious bias, tortured and killed. They are living their lives in fear every minute. I plead that the world must raise voice for them too. ”

” Black is an essential color of the universe. It is due to the black color of the sky that we can see the stars. Every Artist in the world realizes the importance and beauty of the black color”, explained the truck artist.

“ALLAH Almighty has made every human equal. The religion Islam discourages all kinds of racism,” said Haider Ali.

Kudos to Haider for taking a stand for such an important cause and backing the movement that is so important all over the world, even if it may not seem that way.

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