Pakistani ‘Committee Wali Baji’ Runs Away With Rs. 42 Crores

Sidra Humaid, a Karachi-based social media influencer and businesswoman, recently defaulted on Rs. 420 million collected from hundreds of people, mostly women, under the monthly ballot committee system.

Sidra runs Daily Bites, a home-based food business, and Croise, a handicraft startup. She left hundreds of committee members in deep shock when she took to social media, stating that she has “no means to pay off her committees.”

Here is a screenshot of the social media post in which Sidra announced the news:

Social media platforms have been rife with posts from Sidra’s victims, who are contemplating serious action against her. However, so far, none of them has approached the police or the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Meanwhile, Sidra’s whereabouts remain unknown as of yet. However, in her social media post, Sidra said to her committee members, “Please guys don’t panic. Your money will be returned in the coming months.”

One of Sidra’s victims said the committee members knew Sidra for the past 7-10 years. She added that she was a part of two committees run by Sidra. She was contributing Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 to the two committees.

Another victim said that he was part of three committees. He was contributing Rs. 50,000, Rs. 100,000, and Rs. 500,000 to the three committees.

The victims have alleged that in recent months, Sidra used to flaunt her luxury items such as expensive mobiles, watches, purses, and shoes. According to them, this explains where all the money went because no one can make such an amount of money by merely selling food and handicrafts.