Overwhelming response recorded for Zameen Quadrangle as sales commence

Pakistan’s leading real estate development firm Zameen Developments (ZD) — a sister concern of Zameen.com — recently introduced its latest flagship project, the Zameen Quadrangle. Spacious apartments and high-end penthouses in the project are already on sale and the response has been phenomenal — with the building’s prime location in the heart of Lahore making it one of the most promising real estate investment opportunities in the city. 

Zameen Quadrangle is situated on Zafar Ali Road in Gulberg and is experiencing a great surge of interest from genuine buyers and investors due to the incredible facilities offered by the project’s reputable developers. It has been designed to offer residents a private sanctuary and community living experience in the middle of the bustling city of Lahore, and comes with a wide range of ultramodern amenities, refreshing views, natural light, and ventilation. Moreover, it has been approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Zameen.com and Zameen Developments Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zeeshan Ali Khan said that the Quadrangle would be a state-of-the-art development that would help transform the skyline of Gulberg and provide its residents with incredible facilities like a spa and sauna, a swimming pool, gymnasium, and unobstructed electric power supply. He opined that urban sprawl had resulted in the loss of agricultural capacityand that the current scenario called for more focus on a vertical growth strategy to cater to the housing needs of the citizens. He also reaffirmed his company’s commitment to supporting the government’s recent push for more vertical real estate developments in major cities across the country.

“Lahore’s lifestyle will be defined by apartments in the near future. This observation is borne by the fact that the demand for apartments units and penthouses has increased by 127% during the last two years. The apartments and penthouses in Zameen Quadrangle will be one-of-a-kind. In addition to locational perks, Zameen Quadrangle will also offer unique investment prospects,” he further stated.

Zameen Developments Project Director Fahad Khawaja assured that ZD was committed to providing a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle experience to its customers; adding that apartment culture was on the rise in major cities. He further stated that Zameen Quadrangle would come equipped with all facilities and amenities without compromising on construction quality.

Additionally, Mr. Khawaja also highlighted that the project had been developed by ‘Designs by Zameen’, that consists of a diverse and well-equipped in-house team of professionals who aspire to provide solutions rooted in purpose and have the capacity to create innovative breakthroughs within the real estate industry.

“The overwhelming support witnessed for Zameen Quadrangle is a true testament to the stellar reputation of Zameen and we will be launching similar projects in other cities fairly soon,” he concluded.