Model Anam Tanoli Takes Her Own Life And People Are Talking About Taking Depression Seriously

Yesterday, emerging fashion model Anam Tanoli was found dead at her residence in an upscale neighborhood of Lahore and it is being reported that she committed suicide. Anam was only 26.

Tanoli had returned to Pakistan from Italy two months back, after she had completed a course in fashion designing.

According to reports, she was battling with severe depression. However, it is not clear whether the depression was due to personal issues or professional career.

The news of Anam’s death with depression being the cause of her suicide has led people to talk about how significant it is to take care of your mental health along with physical health.

A lot of the times we come across people whose lives appear to be seemingly perfect yet they are fighting battles that they never talk about or let show. It is imperative that you take care of the people around you and most important of all – Be Kind.