Meera Jee Turns From Actress to Entrepreneur, Opens Her Own Restaurant in Lahore

Renown Pakistani actress Meera Jee is a woman of multiple talents, from film actress, TV personality, philanthropist, she has now stepped into the restaurant business.

It was only recently when Meera Jee surprised her followers with the big news that she has opened her very own restaurant in Lahore.

And she has been posting about it on and off since then

The restaurant is located in Lahore State Life Housing Society.

The menu seems to provide details about the food variety and shows that it is a fast food joint and that too with reasonable prices.

Take a look!

According to reviews posted on groups on Facebook, the food isn’t too bad. This just goes to show that Meera Jee is paying special attention to the quality of food.

Some reviewers took time out to share pictures of the food they enjoyed and if you ask us, it does look appetizing!

Source: Syed Ahsan/Facebook 

Source: Syed Ahsan/Facebook

It is reported that Meera will soon arrange an official inauguration event for the Café, however, the details have still not been disclosed.

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