Mahira Khan Endorses a Tea Brand & It Did Not Sit Well With People

Only a year ago, Mahira Khan was seen all across media for promoting a major coffee brand. However, now in a recent ad she was seen endorsing a tea brand. This conflict of interest has left people confused as to which side she is on; is she a coffee or a tea person?

A year ago, a famous coffee brand had featured an ad where they showed that coffee was more effective than tea when it comes to waking up people. The ad starred Mahira Khan as pro-coffee and on the other hand,  she had Ushna Shah who was shown to be a chai lover. By the end of the ad, Mahira & Ushna can both be seen to endorse coffee.

Image Source: Youtube

The ad by Meezan is beautifully made with extravaganza, charm and magic. People, however, could not digest that she could support two opposite beverages only a year apart.

Here’s what people had to say:

mahira khan

mahira khanYou can watch the full ad below: