Here’s How Lays Pakistan Pulled An April Fool Prank!

Lays Pakistan has recently took to social media announcing a new flavor to hit the market. And the flavor is something you would have never imagined – ‘Doodh Patti’ flavor.

Doodh Patti is another name for a chai that is called our national drink as well. Tea is something that you cannot and should not mess with in the Pakistani landscape.

When a post comes out from Lays Pakistan on first April, we are forced to think that it is an April fool stunt. And fortunately, we have this way out because we don’t even want to imagine how chai-flavored chips would taste like.

Courtesy: Lays Pakistan Facebook Page

People of course reacted to the news on social media

People had mixed reaction to the chips. Some called it out to be an April fool prank while others made fun of it considering it to be real. Some even got serious. I mean who has a past experience of having dipped a potato chip in their chai; or let me rephrase, which sane person has an experience of having dipped a potato chip in their chai.


Some people were able to tell that this is photoshopped because the shadow on the teacup is a huge giveaway. However, many have bought into the idea. When Lays will take it to their social media revealing it to be a prank, there’s a potential that many hearts will be broken.