Khadija Siddiqui’s Attacker Gets Acquitted, Celebrities Express Outrage Over Social Media

Just a year ago, a guy named Shah Hussain was sentenced to 7 years in prison for stabbing Khadija Siddiqi 23 times in broad daylight. After his sentence was reduced to five, it was only yesterday when Lahore High Court declared him a free man.

The horrific news has shaken Pakistanis, as people question the judge’s sanity and the declining state of the judicial system in Pakistan.

Khadija’s single tweet almost broke the internet yesterday when she shared these harrowing words

Many took to Twitter in order to express their shock at the Lahore High Court’s verdict and support for Khadija, making #JusticeForKhadija the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Celebrities were just as outraged as any common man and this is what they had to say