Inspired By Her – IBH Is Now Coming To Karachi

Usually, girls are not considered to be street smart, neither are thought capable to start their own businesses/projects. Also, there is hardly 4% of women leadership in Pakistan’s corporate management. Even if you ask most of the girls educating in schools, colleges and universities, they have no clear vision about why they are studying and what they are studying. The most ridiculous answer that one hears from traditional mediocre families is that education will provide better chances for girls to getting married into good households. Hence a large portion of Pakistani educated women are not actively seen participating in upper management hierarchy of multinationals, nor they are seen actively choosing  careers of passion like being an athlete or a  musician and female entrepreneur are numbered as a pinch of salt in the ocean. Hence there are a very few opportunities out of the curriculum designed for girls to explore their potentialities and develop their professional skills regardless of whatever industry of choice they are from.

Inspired By Her is an international not for profit platform that tries to drop a pebble in the ocean by implementing first of its kind program run by youth in Pakistan. The idea was brought to Afghanistan by a Moldovan named Olga Cegorean and in December 2014 – February 2015 it was organized its first edition. IBH reached Pakistan last year in Lahore with the same aim is to Empower, Support and Inspire women for development of social and economic sector of Pakistan. This year Inspired By Her is launching its second edition of “IBH Academy” in Karachi. IBH Academy (Female Only) is the premium program of IBH which as a Women Empowerment platform is impacting women’s life thought Education, Community and Lifestyle. The platform is growing internationally with every year and developing its programs constantly improving the old one and adjusting them to each country reality.

What is IBH in 2018 is pretty much different than what and how it was in 2014, but it kept the most important “The Mission – To Impact Women’s life” no matter which country, nation, religion, color, and language they speak, or social status. It is a platform for ALL the women around the globe who want to be responsible for their own life.


Recently IBH has open its team member applications with the opportunity to join the local team based in Karachi. The team will take the lead over the organization of the 1st edition of IBH Academy in Karachi, 2nd edition in Pakistan. Both male and female are welcomed to Apply. The deadline to send your application is May 31st and late applications would not be accepted. The work is voluntary based and will just help members gather vast experiences and boost their exposure to its fullest.

Inspired By Her
Inspired By Her

”For all our lives we struggle to look for our purpose of existence. And being part of IBH has made me find one. IBH not only helped me exploring my potential but also enable me to help  many girls like me to question their existence, find purpose in life and build required skills set to achieve their dreams. Just think how beautiful could be a dream which could make many little dreams come true?” Faiza Arshad – Agenda Manager IBH Pakistan 2017, Country Director IBH Pakistan 2018.

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