Family Carnival: Many Brands Have Already Booked Their Stalls.

imageBrand Voice: As the hype is being increased of the event to be placed in Royal Palm on October 3oth, 2016. Many Big Brands have already booked their stalls for on-ground event.
Following are the brands who have booked their stalls for the big event.

  1. Unilever (knorr noodles)
  2. Kausar Feed Mills
  3. Big Bird
  4. Boba Tea
  5. Magic Corn
  6. Ze Grill
  7. Chop chop Chinese
  8. Maro Tandoors
  9. Gol Gappy
  10. French Fries
  11. Cosa Nostra( ice-cream)
  12. Wajid tea and coffee point
  13. Shawarma, tea and coffee
  14. Makhdoom Bakery (muffins and cookies)
  15. Amna Umair ( clothing Stall)
  16. The baking room ( cupcakes and desserts)
  17. Great Taste ( chats)
  18. Latteria Mozzarella ( pizza and brownies)
  19. Jaweria ( cupcakes)
  20. Handicrafts and khussay by deft art
  21. Hope uplift Foundation
  22. Oye hoey stall and kiost
  23. Royal Palm’ s stall( popcorns and nachos)
  24. Bliss water stalls
  25. Medicare’s stall ( cone ice cream)