Diamond Supreme Foam Takes a Jab at “Paapa Jaani”!

If you’ve ever gone mattress shopping in Pakistan, the first thing that might pop in your head might be the classic Meri Nanhi Pari Naye Ghar ko Chali ad by Master Molti Foam, one of the most popular mattress manufacturers in Pakistan.

While the old ad plays very smartly on the emotional insight of its target audience, and so does its new version, the viewers of today don’t seem too convinced by the whole idea of marketing a mattress as an essential part of dowry.

The people’s reactions on social media says it all and very clearly:


A recent ad by Diamond Supreme Foam (major competitor of Master), however, takes a dig at Master in a lighthearted, non-offensive way.

Take a look at the ad below:

Starring Mehwish Hayat and Ali Zafar, the ad shows a wife getting upset at her husband for ordering a mattress online instead of opting for the reliable old “Papa Jani recommended mattress”.

Papa Jani is the key word; it says it all without saying anything about Master.

In a cute, casual banter, Diamond manages to convey the message that their mattresses can be ordered online and full customer support is provided to customers through their website and UAN.

Of course, after looking at the mattress, sitting on it and finding out about the great customer support Diamond offers, the wife is totally convinced that Diamond was the right choice to make.

Have you seen the ad? Let us know what you think…