CS:GO Launched New Operation Broken Fang – What You Need to Know

Gaming has seen a substantial rise in players in the year 2020. As more and more people have been confined indoors, multiplayer games have become a good source of entertainment. There are many games which are being played these day, these include Apex Legends, Fortnite and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Valve has released a new update for CS:GO in the form of the new Operation Broken Fang. Alongside new maps the update also offers some quality of life improvements, new game modes and more in-depth stat tracking.

The four new gun skin collections are something to be marveled at. There’s the control collection, which includes some expensive and aesthetic skins. There is also the Broken Fang Collection as well as the Havoc Collection and Ancient collection.

Skins like the ‘Fade’ for the AWP, ‘X-Ray’ for the Ak-47, ‘Phosphor’ for the M4A1 are all part of the collection. Even AR rifle skins like ‘Phoenix Blacklight’ for the Galil is something of a wonder. You can check out the arsenal on steam. Even Submachine guns are getting a new skin upgrade, including one for the Mac 10, two for MP9, and one for the UMP 45!

One of the most attractive features of this operation is the battle pass. Once your CSGO updates, you will have the option to either play average competitive, or you can play missions. These missions are specific to the Broken Fang Operation and may ask you to do particular tasks. Maybe you have to win a certain number of competitions, or perhaps you have to get a certain amount of kills with a weapon.

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