Craving Comfort Food At Late Nights? Here’s Where You Can Find it in Best Quality…

With midnight munchies hitting hard, nothing too ‘scrumptious’ in the fridge and a lack of will to make something on your own, what do you do? At that ungodly hour, your options are extremely limited and nothing apart from McDonald perhaps is an option.

While many restaurants fail to deliver at late nights, there is one new restaurant which has taken up the opportunity to cater to its underserved customers at midnight. 114 by Insomnia Kitchen, is a multi-cuisine late night restaurant which serves yummy dinner late into the nights.

Source: 114 by Insomnia Kitchen/Facebook

Insomnia Kitchen has quickly become a part of Lahore’s extensive food scene, as it takes orders and delivers freshly-cooked food till early in the morning. It serves popular items such as their Chinese Rice with Oyster Chicken, Penne Al Arabiata and Beef Burgers.

For the most part, Pakistan is foreign to the diner concept, and the owner, having lived abroad for a while, wants to implement the same model gradually to 114 and make it a 24/7 thing.

Their newer and exciting options include tantalizing breaded Buffalo Wings, a mouthwatering Chicken Cordon Bleu, and a heavenly Date Pudding. Overall, a meal from start till end can cost you an average of Rs. 1,100 to Rs. 1,300.


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