Brands Get Creative With Ad Campaigns, Seek Inspiration From Game of Thrones Final Season!

HBO’s original show Game of Thrones is back with its final season and is making crazy waves across the globe.

The release of the final season has led brands around the world as well as in Pakistan to come up with creative media campaigns. 

Using the franchise as inspiration, a number of companies have derived various promotion strategies from it. For instance, who will take the most-sought after Iron Throne? Some of the brands have already taken the decision and here’s what they have come up with..

Rooh Afza has already declared itself the king of the red drinks


Kfc also took inspiration from this particular scene


Subway hopped on the GOT bandwagon with this ad


This mobile brand also declared itself the best amongst all


Pepsi believes it’s a game of straws and has crowned itself the best with this ad

Game of Straws


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