Black Friday: All The Places You Should Look Up to Earn Massive Discounts on Shopping

Every year, on the last Friday of November, millions of people around the globe prepare to enjoy the best sales event of the year. This day is celebrated as Black Friday.

Black Friday serves to a day for ultimate shopping extravaganza where you can buy all your favorite items and that too with massive discounts. While in the West, the day marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, in Pakistan 23rd November marks the day for a crazy shopping experience for all.

The trend of celebrating Black Friday has only recently been taken up in Pakistan since a couple of years. Almost every brand in Pakistan gears up for the biggest shopping celebration in the country and announces special offers and sales of products.

Initially there was significant backlash from religious groups who counter argued that Friday is an auspicious day for Muslims around the world and cannot be and should not be associated with the word ‘black’ or darkness. The shopping festival is now being called, ‘Blessed’, ‘Big’ and ‘White’ and the discounted deals are still available.

Various brands have kickstarted the promotion of their sales in November.

Here we have compiled for you a list of all the discounts that are being offered



black friday 2018 sales in pakistan


Al Karam Studio

black friday 2018 sales in pakistan




We will continue to update our readers with all the brands as they reveal their discount offers.

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