Bisma Khan Crowned as the Youngest Self-made Millionaire of Pakistan

There are more young millionaires today than ever before, whether it is due to profligate inheritance, a family business, or own entrepreneurial success. Bisma Khan is one of the names who is credited to become the youngest Self-made millionaire in Pakistan.

The youngest millionaire started off with social media and became a YouTube influencer. She wasn’t afraid to try new ventures and with some collected pocket money, she bought herself some essential products for startup of hair care line up. She has her own recipe for ‘Magic hair Oil’ and it really does magic.


Ostensibly the journey of her success might look smooth, but on close inspection, it is revealed that her life was not easy, in fact, it was full of ups and downs. She belongs to a broken family and suffered a lot in her personal life. But nothing could break her will, instead of living a melancholic life, she decided to get up and change her destiny.

In a span of few months, Bisma Khan had earned enough from BK Care (hair care products) that she introduced her clothing line, BK Drip. BK Drip went very well and most of the dresses sold out like hotcakes. Khan then invested her time more into her business and earned enough to pay her college fee.

She did not stop here, rather she decided to give something back to society. With the inauguration of the BK Foundation, she decided to help the underprivileged class. A certain percentage of every product you buy from BK Care goes for a noble cause in the BK Foundation.

Bisma Khan, an entrepreneur, YouTube sensation, Instagram influencer, rapper, and philanthropist – this multitalented girl is breaking all stereotypes in this patriarchal society. Being resilient, Bisma Khan is pushing the boundaries of the game and acting as a trendsetter for the aspiring youngsters.