Alert: Hackers Are Targeting Children to Steal Credit & Debit Card Details in Pakistan

Covid-19 has reserved the general population of Pakistan within their homes. While street crimes have declined, Pakistan has seen a sudden rise in cyber-crimes.

As a result, the Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) of FIA has issued an advisory. The advisory suggests the parents educate their kids to remain safe.

The use of the internet among children has increased as educational institutions are closed. Hackers are now using children to steal residential addresses, debit and credit card numbers and other important information. Thus, cases of online theft have doubled during the pandemic. All complaints lodged seem to have the same pattern.

It is being said, that once a child becomes friends with a stranger online, then he/she somehow manages to get all the information. The child usually shares sensitive information in exchange for rewards.

How to Stop Cybercrime during the Lockdown? 

CCW FIA has advised following measures for parents to adopt and curb cyber-crimes during the lock-down:

1. Educate children to not click on random links received in the inbox.
2. Children must not accept requests from strangers on social media.
3. When shopping online, make sure to buy from certified online stores to avoid financial loss
4. Limit and control internet access for children
5. Do not share browsing services with children.


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