13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Musician Farhad Humayun

Farhad Humayun’s untimely demise has left the entire music industry and his fandom shocked. A legendary musician in his own right, he left behind a legacy for us to cherish.

Farhad Humayun was an ace Pakistani musician. He was a singer, drummer, record producer and a video artist. Humayun was popularly associated with the Pakistani drum jam band Overload which he founded in 2003. In this article. we’re giving tribute to Farhad Humayun in one of the best ways there is and that is by talking about and sharing insights about who he was.

1. Farhad Humayun hailed from Pakistan but he had a dual nationality! Humayun was also a Norwegian national.

2. Born on October 5th, Farhad Humayun was a Libra. His star sign is most known for its thoughtfulness.

3. Farhad Humayun actually studied and graduated from Aitchison College in Lahore. 

4. Aside from being an absolute rockstar, Farhad Humayun spent a large part of his time pursuing photography. Moreover, he was also quite the reader.

farhad humayun facts

5. He started playing music when he was in grade 8 only.

6. Initially, he began playing the guitar. It was only when someone suggested that he try playing the drums that he found his true passion.

7. Before he became a musician, he was into event management and did that as a backup in case his music career nosedived.

8. Although he learnt a lot himself, Farhad Humayun also went to London to specially study Audio Engineering.

9. Farhad Humayun used a Pearl Drum Kit which is a collector’s item. There are only 6 other pearl drum kits made in the world all of whom are with notable names.

10. Farhad Humayun created two other bands when he was an underground musician. He is also the founder of CoVen and Mindriot band.

11. His mother, Navid Shahzad was his role model, who has won the Pride of Performance award and is a highly esteemed academic scholar.

farhad humayun facts

14. For his undergraduate studies, Humayun chose NCA. He is an NCA alumnus.