YouTube Has Shut Down The Pakistani Government’s Account Because They Stole A Video. Here's the Full Story…

It is no new piece of news that the Pakistani government is notoriously known for corruption. However, in today’s news, they have been caught stealing and here’s how the story goes…

Irfan Junejo, who is a Pakistani YouTuber, had recently taken to Twitter in order to complain about the Pakistani government’s YouTube channel’s indiscretion. The YouTube channel had stolen content from his videos and without his permission.

Junejo shared his concern over Twitter in a post
For those who don’t know already, Junejo is a popular YouTuber who has over 88,000 subscribers. His vlogs shows his day to day activities while he travels across Pakistan.
Junejo shared on his Twitter that the content stolen was from his video about Naran.

The official Pakistani Government’s YouTube channel had used Junejo’s content in a video titled “Family Friendly Activities in Pakistan.” Although they stated that they gave Junejo credits in the description of the video, he felt that he should have been asked before.

The Twitter, however, had mixed feelings about this situation and here’s what they had to say 

The issue was, however, resolved quickly as YouTube took action and terminated the Pakistani Government’s account and Junejo breathed a sigh of relief