WoWoman Officially Launches in Lahore With #SheBlogs Event

On 11th of March 2017 WoWoman, an independent, non-profit, international woman empowerment platform was officially launched in Pakistan. Their activity started with a beautifully organised event for all those who are passionate about blogging.  #SheBlogs event provided all its attendants with a unique opportunity to get familiar with the worldwide concept of ‘Blogging’, to find out valuable insights and get inspired from the empowered talks of the invited speakers.
The panelists included unique though their experience speakers like Umar Tariq (Founder of ‘Fox One’, a digital marketing agency with offices in Dubai, Lahore and quite recently the USA); Sadaf Usman (Founder of “For a Cause”, writer of the book “My untold story”, blogger and a role-model mother of 3 beautiful daughters); Sana Mela (Owner at; Bihamaal Zurqa (fashion and lifestyle blogger); Natasha Zubair (photo-blogger) and Areeba Asad (Student and a part-time writer and blogger).
The event took place at their venue parter, Kickstart Cafe a comfortable events & co-working space for all those who need space to work and interact with awesome people.
#Sheblogs event was a success with a fair turn up of attendees who were excited to learn and take prompts on how to get started with their own blogs and be a part of  one of the rapidly growing field worldwide.
For those who don’t know, WoWoman is a fast growing network of women who dare to dream big and make things happen for themselves, and by themselves. Initially opened in Azerbaijan in 2015, in just 2 years it spreads across Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania and Pakistan. It is a platform which creates space and tools for women to be able to achieve the coolest, craziest and the most impossible dreams they have. In Pakistan, this impactful initiative was brought by Olga Cegorean, a Moldovan who came to Lahore through an AIESEC exchange program and besides her internship is working voluntarily for creating more empowerment opportunities for women in Pakistan. Olga is a passionate startup’er with a valuable experience with international organisations, management and leadership. A girl who inspires others though her personality, courage and dedication for the impactful causes such as WoWoman. She has lived and traveled in more than 30 countries around the world, and is now sharing her expertise with the Pakistani youth.
In her own words Olga says: “I just believe in bringing impact no matter where I am. I do this for the people, no matter where they come from or what colour they are. Humanity has no religion.”
For collaborations she can be contacted at email:

WoWoman Lahore’s first event was a success and there are many more exciting and worthwhile events being planned and will come your way. So stay tuned and join WoWoman’s Facebook and Instagram pages to learn more:
Brand Voice is trilled to support WoWoman’s activity in Pakistan and will be spreading the news about their opportunities and activities in Pakistani networks.