TVC Review- Fawad Khan for Silk Bank

Watch Fawad Khan in the new TVC for Silk Bank.
A new TVC has recently hit the television screens all across Pakistan. About the commercial, a suited-booted Fawad Khan, sporting a pair of trendy sunglasses is seen to enter the bank where he converses with the banker who is present there to assist him and answer all queries. Fawad then utters his first dialogue when he says, “no lines, no waiting, soo welcoming”, therefore, stating Silk Bank’s values of assisting its customers at all times and making the banking experience comfortable and convenient. Fawad, then seats himself and asks a number of questions, using this technique to make the viewers aware of all the services Silk Bank now intends to offer.
Silk Bank has launched its new commercial in order to promote and market the best of its services including; free cheque books, pay orders, intercity transactions as well as SMS alerts. Silk Bank essentially claims to provide free services (as mentioned previously) to all its current and prospective account holders. Silk Bank also offers to grant several free insurance offers covering incidences such as theft at the time of using ATM or even in case a robbery takes place at your home, as well as offers discounts on countless outlets all over Pakistan. Thus, what the Silk Bank now claims to offer is also in line with the bank’s core value which is “customer focus”.
The Silk Bank chose Fawad Khan to market their out of the ordinary services, which other banks currently do not offer, and I believe the role undoubtedly sits well with Fawad’s charismatic and sophisticated persona. With Fawad’s calm and complacent celebrity presence on screen and the soothing voice the TVC catches the viewer’s attention in first sight.
The message which Silk Bank is trying to convey regarding its new services as well the benefits it offers, reaches the customers successfully; as a plain and easy to understand approach has been undertaken.
Overall if we are to rate the new Silk Bank TVC running on our television screens these days, it is average in itself, however, the selection of Fawad Khan to market Silk Bank’s services lends the commercial an edge and gets the viewers’ attention as soon as it appears on television.fawadad-2-768x461

[Disclaimer: The opinions in the this article are of the author and not BRAND VOICE.]