TVC Review: Fawad Khan for 'Bold'.

Only recently, the Humsafar star has worked on a commercial for Bold body spray, in which he seems to be inspired by the product slogan — Up to 3x more.
The TVC brings forth the handsome Fawad Khan, who can be seen leading a rally where he he demands everything to be ‘thrice’ more, a demand which is also in line with the slogan of the Bold Body Spray. Fawad says, that the offices should have three times more holidays, roads should be thrice as wide and that the politicians too should be thrice as responsible. Hence, the TVC seems to conclude that Fawad Khan wants more in life. Three times more. And everyone else should do too!
What’s more is that, at one point in the TVC, this one guy says that he wants women to be three times more attractive. Here, Fawad Khan deserves another shout out for giving the guy a ‘Do you own a mirror?’ look.
The concept of the new TVC by Bold Body Spray is smart and witty. Bold presses on its promise to deliver three times more spray compared to any other deodorant company, and employed a fun as well as (to some extent) a thought provoking ad to put their message across to their viewers/consumers, and not to forget to cast a star with immense appeal and power.

Watch the full TVC here:
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