Toyota & Pak Suzuki Car Prices Increased Once Again

Toyota and Pak Suzuki, two of Pakistan’s most popular car brands have increased their car prices once again!

Toyota has increased its price up to Rs. 830,000. This is the third time in the year when car prices have been raised by the manufacturer. New prices are effective today, 1st July.

While on the other hand, Pak Suzuki has raised its prices from Rs. 40,000 up to Rs. 329,000, effective 1st July.

A notification was dispatched to all dealers stating that the reason behind this is the depreciating rupee value and new duties levied by the government.

Suzuki Car Prices In Pakistan

The new prices are as follows:

Variant Revised Rate
Mehran VX Rs. 839,000
Mehran VXR Rs. 923,000
Mehran LE Rs. 846,000
Ravi Rs. 965,000
Bolan Rs. 1,050,000
Bolan Cargo Rs. 1,015,000
Wagon R VXR Rs. 1,540,000
Wagon R VXL Rs. 1,625,000
Ciaz GL MT Rs. 2,300,000
Ciaz GL AT Rs. 2,500,000
Cultus VXR Rs. 1,745,000
Cultus VXL Rs. 1,855,000
Cultus VXL AGS Rs. 1,975,000
Swift DLX NAV Rs. 1,905,000
Swift AT NAV Rs. 2,050,000
Jimny JLDX MT Rs. 2,618,000
APV 1.5L GLX MT Rs. 3,460,000
Vitara GLX Rs. 4,295,000
Mega Carry Rs. 1,364,000


Toyota Car Prices In Pakistan

Variant New Price Current Price
XLI MT 2,499,000 2,109,000
XLI AT 2,599,000 2,184,000
GLi MT 2,749,000 2,364,000
GLi AT 2,849,000 2,439,000
Altis 1.6 3,149,000 2,674,000
Altis 1.8 MT 3,299,000 3,069,000
Altis 1.8 CVT 3,449,000 3,205,000
Grande MT SR 3,499,000 3,260,000
Grande CVT SR 3,699,000 3,409,000
IMV I 4X2 STD 3,449,000 3,074,000
IMV I 4X2 D/L 3,159,000 2,819,000
IMV I 4X2 U/S 3,479,000 3,104,000
IMV 4X4 4,849,000 4,329,000
IMV III DC STD 5,249,000 4,719,000
Revo G MT 5,599,000 5,009,000
Revo G AT 5,899,000 5,239,000
Revo V AT 6,249,000 5,559,000
Fortuner 4X4 8,649,000 7,819,000
Fortuner 4X2 7,999,000 7,299,000


Other automotive manufacturers are expected to raise their vehicle prices as well in the upcoming days.