This Pakistani Ad For Cricket World Cup Has Angered Indians & Here’s Why…

Earlier this year tensions between India and Pakistan has escalated, and an Indian pilot named Abhinandan had his fighter jet shot down because he entered Pakistani airspace. As his jet shot down, he had ejected and landed on Pakistani soil.

The Pakistan Army took him under their care and later in the day, a video of him was released by the Pakistani army to show that he was being treated with respect. The video went viral in both countries immediately.

The attitude of Pakistan army was ofcourse met with praise. In the video, Abhinanden is seen drinking (and later praising) a cup of tea and declining to answer any questions he is asked by the Pakistani army officials.

Now a Pakistani ad has been making rounds on the internet which seems to poke fun at Abhinandan’s post-arrest video

The ad is for Pakistan and India facing off on the cricket pitch in the on-going cricket World Cup. Questions are asked related to cricket and India’s cricket strategy to which the actor replies with Abhinandan’s famous line, ‘I’m not supposed to tell you this.’ But when he’s about to leave, a voice calls back at him to say ‘Cup kahan le kar ja rahay ho?’


While the Ad is obviously funny for us Pakistanis, the Indians were infuriated and here’s what the response was like online:


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