This New Song From the Film Rangreza is a Perfect Mehndi Song!

Upcoming Pakistani film Rangreza has been making a lot of noise in the mainstream media ever since its promos, teasers have been released.
And now, the makers of the film have released another track from the film which is so tuneful that it will make you want to swoon to its beats.
Bagiya is the name of the latest track released from the film Rangreza. The video features Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf looking in love. It’s an upbeat song, and not only that but it is also perfect for the upcoming shaadi season!

Here’s the link for the full song from Rangreza
The song has been sung by Jonita Gandhi and the lyrics were written by Tauqeer Bhinde who also co-composed the track with Qurram Hussain. The music has been produced by Hussain and Ali Mustafa and the choreography credit goes to Wahab Shah.
The film is to feature the currently dominant actors in the Pakistani film industry which includes Bilal Ashraf, Gohar Rasheed and Urwa Hocane. It has been described as “a film based on music, in which we are exploring the contrast between classical qawwali and modern pop music. A love story will join the contrast,” by director Aamir Mohiuddin.

Rangreza is slated for release on 21 December!