This Lahore Based Restaurant Looks Like A Ship On The Inside With its Captivating Theme

A restaurant with an interestingly new theme has popped up in Lahore. Dock 27 Restaurant & Bistro has dropped its anchor in Defense Phase 5.

With its nautical theme, Dock 27, is urging all customers to hop on board and enjoy their cuisine.

Source: Dock27’s Facebook Page

Dock 27 aims to bring food to Lahore from every corner of the world.  Moreover, the restaurant claims to be a fine dining restaurant which offers distinct recipes from around the world made and served by some of the most trained and highly experienced hospitality professionals from the city.

The menu is structured in a conventional style with salads, appetizers, soups etc. The customers at the restaurant can expect to see and order anything from Thai to Spanish cuisine. Additionally, the menu options are generic, yet the descriptions of the dishes are an interesting read as they provide a story behind each dish.

The tables and chairs, modern in style, have been given a rustic texture and color to match the theme. The table stands also have a small-sized steering wheel attached to their side.

The restaurant is open for lunch from 12:30PM until 04:00 and for dinner from 07:30PM till 11:45PM.


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