This Guy Proposed His Girl During #PakvsSL And Now Has Become A Social Media Sensation

This Sunday night, the 29th of October was a memorable one for Pakistanis. Because this was the night, cricket came home. After a long gap of almost 6 years, international cricket has finally come back to Pakistan at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium.
And in the midst of the fun and enthusiasm of cricket lovers, another interesting and quite a sweet incident took place, which has taken the social media in its grasp.
While the Pakistani cricket team overpowered the Sri Lankan Side and ultimately won the match, that wasn’t the only highlight of the night. The people present at the stadium, for the very first time, witnessed something that has never happened in Pakistan before but is very common in the West.
A video footage caught a young Pakistani guy proposing his girl in front of thousands of fans. You heard it correct. As seen in the video, the guy goes down on one knee and proposes the girl. The girl then says yes and the couple hugs in front of the cricket fans. At the sight of the incident, the fans also started roaring and cheering.

Here’s a short clip of the scene

And here’s what people from social media had to say about it