Tapal brings an opportunity to meet Fawad Khan in person

Tapal tea company launched its new TVC yesterday featuring the handsome and everyone’s favorite actor, Fawad Khan. Previously, Fawad Khan has been featured in various TVCs by Tapal tea.
Over the years, Tapal has evolved into a well-known brand.  Tapal has come a long way from producing its traditional advertisements and has now followed the same path as Lipton in order to complete with the market leader in the field.
The advertisements now manage to leave a mark on its viewers and captures the viewer’s attention. Tapal has also managed to bring Fawad Khan as well as other well-known celebrities like Momal Sheikh and Zoe Viccaji into their TVCs in order to represent their products.
Tapal’s tea has been placed very carefully in the market to give the message to the target consumers that Tapal is the brand to buy as it is represented through and used by our favorite celebrities.
Tapal tea has now brought its users an opportunity of a lifetime where they can get a chance to meet Fawad Khan in person. All that is to be done is to give a missed call at the given number that is 4473. You will receive a call back and you will be asked a simple question. If you are able to answer the question correctly, you can win a chance to meet Fawad Khan in person.