Sony – Relaunching In Pakistan. 

Big News is finally official folks! Sony is making a comeback in the Pakistani market starting with the introduction of new Xperia smartphones.
Nowadays, many companies including Motorola are relaunching their brands in the country and it seems like Sony is also ready to jump back in to declare war against the competing smartphone brands.
Now Buyers Of Sony Smartphones Will Be Able To Get Their Hands On:
-official warranties,
-after sales support
-official prices of Sony smartphones.
Now Apple, Huawei and Samsung will have tough competition with Sony in Pakistan. According to previous records, Sony was loved by people and its smartphones were considered to be the best among other smartphone brands.

Users will be able to purchase Sony Xperia Models from the sales and service centers of Sony opening soon in Pakistan. The smartphone industry of Pakistan has welcome many new Chinese brands over last years. Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo, in no time has made their place in Pakistani handsets industry and have received over whelming response.

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