Sohai Ali Abro’s Latest Film’s Trailer Has Been Released And She's Definitely Breaking Stereotypes In This One

Sohai Ali Abro, our stunning Pakistani actress is making her big screen comeback as Zenith Irfan in the upcoming biopic Motorcycle Girl. 

Motorcycle Girl’s trailer opens with Sohai seated opposite actor Ali Kazmi in a cafe in what appears to be a setting for an arranged marriage. The scene follows with Sohai, who lost her father at a very young age, going about her daily routine, running after buses and rickshaws to get to work.
Sohai then asks her mother what her father’s biggest wish was, to which her mother, played by Samina Peerzada, replied that he wanted to go to Khunjerab on his bike. This makes Sohai decide to learn how to ride a bike and eventually she uses that as a means to commute.
This decision of her’s is obviously met with a lot of backlash and we see her boss, played by Sarmad Khoosat, tell her to stop coming on her bike every day as this is “against the norm of the society.”
Sohai confidently ignores everyone and then embarks on a journey on her motorbike towards the north of Pakistan. Along the way, she is met with several hindrances but nothing seems to deter her self confidence and belief in making her journey.
With breathtaking sceneries and awe-inspiring locales, Motorcycle Girl looks absolutely brilliant!

Glimpse into the film through these pictures 


Watch the trailer here: