Seeme Productions Opens Doors to International Market With its Business & Creative Services

Seeme Productions, one of the largest independent production houses in Pakistan, has expanded its business and creative services to the international market. The company will now operate in the UK and UAE.

The expansion intends to take independent business venture to the next step and wishes to portray Pakistan on the production map worldwide as well as introduce Pakistani industry talent to the world.

Speaking about this new step, the CEO, Mr. Naveed Arshad, said,

“Seeme has always been Aspirational, and going international is a part of that aspiration. The UK and UAE market is flourishing, and this provides the perfect opportunity for us to create a customer base abroad as well.”

Seeme is now providing enhanced production facilities in the UK and UAE as part of its strategy to promote the production of global content. Moreover, to it aims to bring work opportunities to Pakistan, and provide the directors with the opportunity to deliver on the international market.

Seeme’s new premise will strengthen its operations and create an even more comprehensive business offering for production specialists. We wish the team the best of luck!