PTI Officially Addresses Imran Khan's Latest Marriage Rumours

PTI, one of Pakistan’s leading political party has put an end to all the rumors which had been in circulation since yesterday, with regard to its chief’s marital status.
Ever since the news of Imran Khan’s alleged marriage broke out, naturally, Pakistanis had a lot to say on the matter. Many had speculated as to who the lucky lady was in this regard. Others made jokes, while a lot of people including PTI’s very own party member Shireen Mazari told everyone to mind their own business.

Today, however, PTI has released an official statement on the matter which has the internet obsessed, and confirmed that Imran Khan has indeed proposed to woman but has not gotten married yet. 

The rumors of Imran Khan’s alleged latest marriage began after Umar Chema of Jang Group had put out the word that the marriage has already taken place.

According to Mr. Cheema, Imran Khan had married a woman whom he used to visit for spiritual guidance.  The Nikkah was reportedly performed by PTI member Mufti Saeed who had previously conducted the Nikkah ceremony in Imran Khan’s second marriage with Reham Khan. However, following this article, PTI leaders immediately rejected these reports.
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