PepsiCo Partners with TDAP For Pakistan Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

PepsiCo Pakistan has partnered with the Ministry of Commerce, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), and the Government of Pakistan for one of the most key global events of the year; the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai!

Promoting Pakistan as a leading destination and showcasing its immense potential through an immersive and visually captivating experience, the Pakistan Pavilion has already made waves across the world.

Through a host of conferences and seminars, the six-month-long event will be a celebration of Pakistan by highlighting the country’s beautiful landscapes, exotic cuisines, cultural hospitality, natural resources, architecture as well as arts and crafts traditions. PepsiCo will also be a beverage partner at the event.

A series of thought leadership forums will take place at the Pakistan Pavilion with emphasis on what makes Pakistan a leading destination in the international arena.

The events will primarily focus on demonstrating Pakistan’s innovations and industry, achievements of youth in the technology space, a comprehensive diversity and inclusion agenda, leadership on climate change and sustainability, significant social uplift programs, and the huge economic potential of exports.

PepsiCo’s ‘In, With, For Pakistan’ agenda demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment to creating positive developmental impacts.

Most recently, PepsiCo in Pakistan has been at the forefront of generating investments and curating community-centric social impact programs.

“PepsiCo’s alliance with the Ministry of Commerce is a demonstration of our vision for promoting Pakistan as a land of opportunities and possibilities for all citizens of the world,” says Mr. Furqan Ahmed Syed, CEO of PepsiCo in Pakistan.

PepsiCo Pakistan is fully committed to attracting continued investment opportunities, trade, and accelerated socio-economic development in Pakistan.

The company is fostering sustainability by creating positive impacts for communities, creating innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture, water stewardship as well as women and youth development for the country’s overall advancement.

Currently, PepsiCo is running one of the largest plastics recycling programs in Pakistan, a comprehensive youth skills development program, and significant milestones in water replenishment and conservation through sustainable farming practices in the agricultural supply chain.