Pakistan's First Transgender Newscaster Makes it to a TV Screen

A local news broadcaster has hired a transgender news anchor for the first time in Pakistan’s history.

A senior journalist posted a picture of Maavia Malik and wrote “Pakistan’s first news caster on screen now-Maavia Malik.”

Pakistan’s Senate, the upper house of country’s parliament, has recently approved a bill for the protection of transgender persons, which has now empowered them to determine their own gender identity.

The report of a transgender person appearing on TV as a newscaster  received positive response on Twitter.

Lahore-based Marvia Malik is confident, determined, ambitious and goal-oriented.
She has a bachelors degree and has now applied for admission to a masters of arts programme. She claims to have read the basics of journalism and civics and has already dabbled in the field of modelling; as she recently made headlines by walking the runway at the PFDC fashion week in Lahore earlier this month.